Drone operations survey

Drone Pulse is the most comprehensive drone operations survey ever undertaken in the UK. It's designed to help drone operators gain unprecedented insights into the UK drone industry.

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This survey is now closed

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About Drone Pulse

What is the survey about?

Drone Pulse is all about throwing light on the current health of the drone industry in the UK.

It'll do that by asking current drone operators about their business, their equipment and their opinions on regulation and future prospects for the industry.

The survey results will help inform and encourage the UK drone operator community to identify and explore new opportunities and markets by providing intelligent insights based on experience and knowledge from their peers.

Why should I take part?

Participants in the survey will get...

  • Exclusive access to the Drone Pulse survey results
  • Insights into pricing in the drone marketplace
  • Information about startup and running costs of drone operations
  • Details on which drone services marketing approaches work
  • Information about drone services supply and demand by geography and use-case
  • A 20% discount at Dronedesk
  • And much more...
How can I take part?

Unfortunately the survey closed 8th October and you can no longer take part.

Frequently Asked Questions

Note: This survey ran from 01-Sep-21 through to 08-Oct-21 inclusive and is now closed. You can purchase a copy of the report here.

  • The Drone Pulse survey is being funded and run by Grey Rock Innovations Ltd who are the creators of Dronedesk.

    There are no external sponsors or partners for this survey.

  • Simply because, as far as we're aware, there's never been a comprehensive survey of drone operators in the UK before.

    The hope is that the survey results will provide valuable insights into multiple facets of the drone industry. As an operator, you'll hopefully be able to use the data to inform your drone business strategy, marketing and buying decisions.

  • Great question! Here are a few reasons why we hope you'd want to be part of the Drone Pulse survey:

    It's a unique opportunity for you to share your thoughts, opinions and experience and you'll also... Have access to the survey results so you can benchmark your drone business against your peers Gain valuable insights into which tools and approaches other drone operators use Get an idea of what level of investment it takes to grow your drone business And, your input could even help support drone industry lobbying of Government and the CAA

  • The Drone Pulse survey data will be reviewed, analysed and collated into one or more reports which will be shared with the participants and with interested drone industry bodies.

    Some summarised data may be shared on social media, with manufacturers, service providers, regulatory bodies, press and industry media.

  • No.

    Firstly, we won't know who provided which answers. The survey is 100% anonymous and there will be no way for us, or anyone else, to link any survey response back to any individual drone business or person.

    Secondly, no individual response to any question will be published or made available to any entity; all Drone Pulse results will be aggregated and any responses which are long-form text (of which there are only one or two) will be summarised by means of sentiment analysis or rewording.

  • We want to be sure this survey covers as many aspects of the drone industry as possible so, we're not going to lie; it's comprehensive.

    You can expect to take around 15-20 minutes to complete it.

    The good news is that a) we're running it in September so there'll no doubt be a rainy day (or two) when you could grab a coffee and do the survey and, b) it's not one of those surveys that asks you to provide loads of textual input, the vast majority of questions are multiple choice and the one or two questions where we ask for text input aren't mandatory.

  • Sorry, you can't; the survey is now closed.

  • The results are available now. You can purchase a copy of the report here.

The survey is now closed

You can purchase a copy of the report here.

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